Building a Culture of Accountability

In a recent Patient Safety Conference I was privileged to attend and speak the main theme was Building a Culture of Patient Safety, very catchy since it touches on the component of culture change.

We, as healthcare practitioners and also patients are supposed to have a mindset of safety in tandem with health all the time. A triple aim for quality healthcare would consist of the following – quality and patient safety, more efficient cost of care and enhancing the patient experience. Let’s choose one from the three and that’s patient safety. I honestly must admit that as of present writing I have not seen statistics yet of medical errors from my end of the globe but have seen statistics from other countries, two things either it was never reported or there was none at all. The easiest game to play as they say is the blame game – no one wants to be accountable for a misdeed but with a merit it is very much welcome.

Well since change is coming and we look forward to it let’s discuss and brainstorm on ways we can further cultivate a culture of accountability leading towards patient safety and zero medical errors:

T1- How would you define accountability in the realm of healthcare?
T2- What are ways where accountability can be practiced in the healthcare industry?
T3- How can social media be used as a tool in the promotion of patient safety?

See you for another #HealthXPh chat on June 25 at 9pm MLA/ 9am EST!