Going Deeper Into Patient Engagement

Patient engagement creates a lot of buzz nowadays, it’s a paradigm shift that would definitely contribute to better healthcare delivery. Seeing a lot in the healthcare industry forming patient advisory boards just makes me feel more fulfilled in the realm of being able to deliver better healthcare since we as healthcare providers would know what the patient further needs.

However just like in any milestone in a journey the question of taking it a step further is always a challenge, thus the title of “going deeper” into what the real core of the term patient engagement really is.

A short post but here are the discussion points of our #HealthXPh chat on October 24 at 9pm MLA/9am EST which we hope we all take home and begin to think about.

T1- How do we understand patient engagement as an organizational capability?
T2- What strategies can be applied to enable patient engagement readiness?
T3- What can social media listening do for both healthcare professionals and patients?

Remember, #HealthXPh is a patients-included tweetchat 🙂 See you!