Incorporating Social Media into the MedEd Continuum

Medical education in general faces many challenges in the way it should be conveyed to be able to get its message across to students, health professionals and patients. Its need for innovation is great and its sustainability as well. In the issue of BCMJ Volume 55, Number 1, January, February 2013, page(s) 38-40 MDs To Be by Laura Budd, BMSc, I was really struck by the first paragraph which read: Status update: Mark Zuckenberger, founder of Facebook marries Dr. Priscilla Chan. Their marriage represents the ongoing integration of social media and medicine — for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. Striking analogy isn’t it?

Article cites that Facebook has over 900 million active users, Twitter users are uploading 340 million tweets daily. Social media is changing the way people use the Net from purely recreational to cover professional and clinical usages. A social media survey at Thomas Jefferson University concluded that social networking allows graduate health sciences students to quickly make and keep connections which is important in this fast-paced, diverse world of professions. (Giordano 2011) cited at the Academic Internal Medicine Insight journal 01/2011; 9(1): 12-13, 19.

In this special edition of #HealthXPh we are honored to have Dr. Lawrence Sherman ( @meducate ) as our special guest moderator. Lawrence is a global medical education provider with a 17-year history (wow!) of designing, developing and implementing continuing medical education activities around the world. He is a TEDx speaker and a faculty of FutureMed. Frequent lecturer on topics including needs assessments, outcome measurements, the roles of technology and humor in MedEd and the future of MedEd. He ingeniously combines MedEd and stand up comedy experiences which eventually have led him to a unique and sometimes provocative position in issues on medical education.

Join us as we engage with Lawrence and the rest of the community on August 1 at 9:00 pm MLA/ 9:00 am EST taking off from the following questions:

T1- When do you think about social media when developing MedEd activities or curricula?
T2- What are the barriers to incorporating social media into MedEd?
T3- Where could social media enhance your MedEd responsibilities?

See you!

NOTE: #HealthXPh is a patient-included tweet chat. Open to all!

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