Instilling Change in Healthcare

Beginning this pre-chat blog with one song in mind by the Little River Band entitled “Time for a Cool Change”, just what we all need in these times of disruptive innovation. Can the healthcare sphere actually catch up? One aspect we would like to discuss with you is that of culture. Hearing the term makes me shudder and a bit biased with a question that comes to mind – can we actually shift to a culture of healthcare change towards better reforms that are visible and sustainable? Keep that answer on hold and let’s move on.

I chanced upon Dr. Kevin Pho’s blog that speaks of culture change and it particularly struck me when he mentioned – I wouldn’t be surprised if our culture of criticism is one of the worst in any field. Changing how we are educated will make an impact as well. Do you agree?

The healthcare industry or should I say landscape is ever evolving, everyday I seem to discover something new that changes the way we administer healthcare (which is good!) but question comes to mind (again), does everyone embrace these changes? Kevin Pho’s take – “The more people in various fields collaborate whether it be during training years or even on the job, the more respect between fields will result. Why? Because when you know individuals in other fields on a personal level and you work together towards a common goal, you tend to respect them more.” So well said.

As Lou Gerstner said – In the end, management doesn’t change culture. Management invites the workforce itself to change the culture.

With all these said please join us at #HealthXPh on September 5 at 9pm MLA/9am EST as we are joined by our special guest moderator Dr. Tony Leachon (@DrTonyLeachon), Cardiologist, social media advocate, former president of the Philippine College of Physicians and a firm health advocate, let’s discuss the following:

T1- How do you define culture change in healthcare?
T2- How can we further implement and sustain the change needed in the healthcare system?
T3- If there’s one culture you would want changed in the healthcare system what is it?

See you all!

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