Keeping The Core of Healthcare

My blog and chat for today was inspired by the article posted by the group of the My Ideal Patient Experience where much has and is being discussed in terms of taking the patient experience further and deepening their engagement.

In a recent article posted by the AMA Wire entitled “Why the patient-physician relationship is central for medicine” a lot of great points were raised by Dr. Abraham Verghese who is the Senior Associate Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine. Dr. Verghese says — “In the first two years they’re learning physical diagnosis and they’re so excited to learn how to read the body as a text. And they arrive on the wards and their moment of awakening, almost disillusionment is to find that the currency on the wards does not revolve around the patient. It revolves much more around the computer. For many of them, it’s a moment of crisis. I think it actually leads many of them away from primary care, which is not a good trend.” Not to say that technology disillusions this role but what we are trying to find here is a striking balance between the ritual of an HCP-patient relationship and technology.

So here are the following questions which we need to brainstorm on. And by the way Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

T1: Why is the HCP-patient relationship considered the core of medicine?
T2: What changes would you like to see done in medical education in order to push for more patient engagement?
T3: What is one thing you would want done either as an HCP or patient to make patients’ lives better?

Join us on our Valentine’s Day chat on 2/13 at 9pm MLA/9am EST and tag #heartsforhealth too (aside from #healthxph) to convey a Happy Hearts Day to all! See you!

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