The Unhealthy Shame

“Sorry it was a mistake.” “I apologize but…”

These are a few of the many phrases any healthcare practitioner would hesitate to admit in reality. Medicine is a precise science, however the ones behind the practice are humans and humans are imperfect, short of saying we can make a mistake. Brian Goldman’s TED Talk held in Toronto caught my eye, he talked about mistakes and the question remains “Can we talk about it?”

We cannot afford to make mistakes in the practice of healthcare but what if we do? Let’s discuss on this Saturday’s edition of #HealthXPh at 9pm MLA/8am EST taking off from the following points of discussion:

T1- Can you share experiences you have encountered involving medical/surgical complications in your practice? Although not necessarily involving you.

T2- What are the challenges in effectively communicating issues on mistakes with patients?

T3- Cite ways on improving HCP-patient interactions during negative patient experiences.

See you!


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