Using Social Media for Advocacy

My personal mantra is determination drives you but passion sustains you, similar to a car that needs fuel to run. Advocacies for me are personal, they drive us further into a cause we fight for no matter what and most of all living up to it. Advocacies should not be all talk but must also be all about the walk. There are a lot of tools available for us to push for our own passion but let us zero in on the use of social media. Social media helps amplify advocacy efforts by its power of diversity – reaching more people, in more places, faster than ever before. For social media use in advocacies, one should have a clear plan in mind of who your audience is, which social media platforms are most suited to that audience, and what results you hope to gain from your efforts.

Modern digital era means that social media will no longer be a stand-alone aspect of an advocacy plan. According to Mike Kujawski, an international social media strategy consultant, “Apps and websites that were once considered ‘social technology’ are just a natural evolution of the modern internet.

Keeping this in mind let us gather and discuss the following points in #HealthXPh’s Thanksgiving edition on November 28 at 9pm MLA/9am EST –

1- What is your personal or organization’s advocacy?
2- How do you intend to go about your advocacy on social media?
3- How can one sustain and create a move towards an advocacy using social media?

See you all!

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