Social Media and Health Professions Education (#HCSMPh Summit 2015, Track 3)

Social Media & Health Professions Education
Moderator: Dr. Helen Madamba

  • Objectives:
    1. Narrate personal experiences in actual application of social media
    in health professions education
    2. Discuss the challenges and limitations encountered
    3. Describe potential applications and future trends of social media
    use in health professions education
  • Panelists
  • 1. Use of Social Media for a Graduate Level Health Informatics Course
    Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan @endocrine_witch, #HealthXPh
    2. Social Media Analytics for Nursing Education
    Mr. Kit Sumabat, Health Informatics Inc.
    3. Social Media and Healthcare Research
    Dr. Narciso Tapia, @cebumd, #HealthXPh